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Adventure Nomad

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Nikon Answers With The New D90

Following Canon's recent announcement of their new 50D, Nikon has just announced the D90.

Any earth-shaking improvements compared to the old D80. Well, it has a new 12MP CMOS sensor, similar to the D300, which will mean better noise characteristics at high ISOs, and the sensor should be more efficient and use less power (more shots per battery charge). You can now also make HD movie clips with sound. This could be a real advantage for some users. In this respect, the D90 is a new and unique camera in the Nikon Lineup.

Check out this cool vid of pro-photographer Chase Jarvis and crew testing out the D90:

I was hoping to see an improved AF System similar to the D300, but this is not to be. The D90 retains the Multi-CAM 1000 AF Module of the D80.

The D90 will be available in September. Specifications available here.

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