Adventure Nomad

Adventure Nomad

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Adventure Starts Now!

Climbing Mt. Chola, Sichuan, China
What is adventure?  I define adventure as a physically and mentally challenging undertaking, with risk for physical danger and an uncertain outcome. 

Why do it?  For me, I enjoy the preparation, build-up and anticipation of a great adventure to come. I relish the physical challenge.  I like the sharp mental focus I feel as the world melts away until there is nothing left except me, and the task.  I like being able to weigh the risks, stare down my fear and taking an uncertain outcome to a successful conclusion.

Running an ultramarathon in the Gobi Desert
First Steps to Adventure: Making Time
Well what stops a person from making an adventure happen?  Lack of time is the number excuse.  Ok, I hear you.  Find an adventure suitable to your geographic region and close to home.  Not everyone has Mt. Everest in his backyard, so for your first steps, you'll have to make do: sign up for something you like, perhaps sport climbing, kayaking, or maybe mountain biking.

Second Step: Finding Energy
The quickest way to getting more energy is to boost your muscle mass.  Crossfit is the fastest way I know to build functional athletic competency.  These days, functional strength is a buzzword and you'll probably be on the right track if you choose a gym with medicine balls, kettlebells, and lots of free weights.  If you are really tight on time, you can do Crossfit at home.  Go to for guidance on how to start.  Once you've stripped away excess fat and put on some muscle, your confidence will take a huge boost as well, and you'll be ready for Step Three.

Step Three: Building Skills and Experience
After taking the first two steps, you'll have a pretty good idea about your strengths and abilities.  This is the time to gain experience and build skills.  Sign up for courses, or join a club of like-minded people.   While the sky may not be the limit yet, there are plenty of good adventures out there waiting to be had! 

Step Four:  Look Further Afield
Now's the time to start making grand plans and turn those dreams into reality!  Make it real: Pen it into your calendar, Facebook it, and tell all your friends about it.  Stretch your abilities and push the limits.  It's all up to you. 

In memory of Ngima Grimen Sherpa, 1982-2012

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