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Friday, August 21, 2015

Mountain Biking Telluride to Moab: The Ride

Continued from the last post:

When we got to Moab, we met up with some friends and did a couple of rides.  It always seems that we don't spend enough time in Moab, because before we knew it, it was time to depart for Telluride, and begin the trip trip that we had come all this way for: Riding two hundred something miles from Telluride to Moab, using San Juan Hut Systems huts along to way, so that we could ride with light packs and enjoy the riding!

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San Juan Hut System is the only destination (ie. Telluride to Moab; Durango to Moab) hut to hut based system in the US.  It allows a biker to really get deep into the backcountry by eliminating the need to carry tents, sleeping bags, cookware and food for 7 days of riding.

Oh, yes!  This is one ROWDY Ride!

If you've ever thought about doing one of these rides, this short video should give you a good idea of what to expect:

Mountain Biking Telluride to Moab from Kenneth Koh on Vimeo.

Having done the similar Durango to Moab ride a few years ago, we kind of knew what to expect.  While there's still a fair bit of dirt road and a little paved road, this ride had more singletrack.  In fact, so much more singletrack that we simply could not ride all the singletrack options.  Lucky for us, they were options, and when weather or our bodies had enough, we could take an easy dirt road ride to the next hut.

I've been to Moab 4 times over the years.  Once in the Spring, once in the Fall, and twice in Summer.  I definitely want to return, because there's just so much more riding to do, but I won't be going back in Summer.  It's too hot and just too crowded.

If you were deciding on which of the two hut to hut rides to pick, I'd say go with the Durango to Moab Ride if you're riding for the scenery and views.  If you like more technical riding, pick Telluride to Moab.  Either way, you won't be far wrong.  One of these rides definitely belong on every mountain biker's bucket list!

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