Adventure Nomad

Adventure Nomad

Monday, October 8, 2007

More Images of Tibet

I wanted a classic image of the Potala at sunrise, so we hiked out early to this spot on our last morning in Tibet. Unfortunately, we never got a 'classic' sunrise due to the cloud cover. I wasn't really happy with this shot until I converted it to black and white and could use the contrast to show off the dramatic early morning cloud cover.

Kitch is adding a stone to an 'Oris'. Oris's are piles of stones at holy places like mountain passes. Travelers passing by are encouraged to add a stone, a sort of offering or prayer, before moving on.

When I took this, I thought it was kind of funny. But when I look back at this image, I'm a little sad, and sort of disgusted. Tibet has changed so much since the Chinese took over, and not all of it is for the better.

This little guy was having his dinner when he came out to see what the commotion outside his home was. Shy at first, but he ended up holding our hands as we made our way through his village to our campsite. Taken during the Ganden to Samye trek, Tibet.

A yak and handler making their way down from Yumbu Lakhang Palace after dropping off some visitors.

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