Adventure Nomad

Adventure Nomad

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Best Deal in Town for Gels

Here in Singapore, we tend to pay too much for our sports nutrition supplements, and at SGD$2 per pack of Carb Boom Gel, this is the best deal going for gels in Singapore. The catch is you have to buy 3 cases of the stuff. This shouldn't really be a problem: gather 2 of your training buddies for the upcoming Singapore Marathon and split the cases 3 ways.

You can't mix and match the flavors though, which isn't really a problem since most gels taste pretty much the same. I would suggest you get a case of Double Espresso for the caffeine kick which will extend your endurance. If you are having trouble choosing flavors, I'd also suggest getting a case of Kiwi Strawberry, which most people seem to like.

I think TSW will also deliver your order to you free. Check out their website for terms and conditions. No, I don't get paid for doing this, but I am sponsored by these guys. They are nice people and I'm just passing the word around.

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