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Adventure Nomad

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Feel The Thunder

Uniquely Singapore F1. Nikon D300, 12-24mm at 16mm, 1/30, f/4, ISO 3200.

F1 comes to Singapore as the world’s first night F1 race. It’s a street circuit, very accessible, and I’m probably just 4 or 5m (13-16’) away from the cars at Turn #5. Feel the thunder? You bet!

Fernando Alonso Wins the Singapore F1. Nikon D300, 50-150mm at 150mm, 1/320, f/2.8, ISO 2000.

The Lucky: Team Renault

Renault’s Fernando Alonso had the fastest time in practice, but due to a mechanical problem during qualifying, he started the race in 15th position. As luck would have it, a series of incidents with pit lane errors, crashes and the deployed safety cars, catapulted Alonso into the lead around the middle of the race. Not to take anything away from Alonso, he drove superbly all night.

Close enough for you? Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Turn #5. Nikon D300, 80-400mm at 400mm, 1/125, f/5.6, ISO 2000.

The Unlucky: Team Ferrari

In a racecourse known to be tight and bumpy making overtaking difficult, Ferrari started the race in poised to win with their drivers in 1st and 3rd postions. Felipe Massa started the race in pole position but after a pit lane error, which saw him driving off with the fuel hose still attached to his car, he eventually finished 13th. Ferrari were still gunning for constructor points until Kimi Raikkonen crashed out at turn #10 with 4 laps to go. Really bad luck for Ferrari tonight, and I really feel bad for Felipe Massa who was driving really well too. Ah well, that’s racing… and Ferrari will be back.

The Night F1 Circuit set against the Singapore City Skyline on the Esplanade Bridge. Nikon D300, 12-24mm at 24mm, 1/60, f/4, ISO 3200.

The WINNER: Team Singapore

It costs SGD$150 Million annually to host the event, the world’s first night F1 race. The plan to showcase the city and boost Singapore’s image as a vibrant city seems to have worked. By all accounts, this event was wildly successful, and next years race promises to be even better.

By The Numbers:
Over 1,500 special track lights to turn night into day
3.2 Million Watts of power
Over 100,000 spectators
500 Million viewers worldwide
Biggest grandstand in F1 (seating 32,000)
SGD$150 Million price tag per year

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