Adventure Nomad

Adventure Nomad

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

To Buy Or Not To Buy

I wonder if any other Apple fans are as disappointed as I am over Apple's announcement last night about the new iPhone 4S?  I'm kind of bummed out.  I wanted an iPhone 5.  A couple of features I was expecting were a bigger screen, and a stainless steel back; kind of what this mock up from looks like:

Image from

There's no doubt that the new features on the iPhone 4S are welcome, but they could have used those same features on the iPhone 5.

Today I'm looking into the Samsung Galaxy S II to see how it could fit into my lifestyle.  IPhone 4S, really?  Come on Apple!  You can do better!


Doug said...

Unfortunately, you can't increase the screen size without decreasing resolution (without also wreaking havoc on the design of iOS and the apps that make it a great mobile OS).

Unknown said...

Thanks Doug. I'm still on an iPhone 3G, held off getting the 3Gs, and was keen on the iPhone 4, but held off thinking the iPhone 5 was on its way...

I'm a bit lost now, but as I'm overdue for a phone upgrade, I'll probably swallow my disappointment and get the iPhone 4S anyway.