Adventure Nomad

Adventure Nomad

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Vision 2030 Singapore

Vision 2030 is an initiative by the government of Singapore to explore the opportunities in sport to best contribute to the future development of the people, communities and country.

There are seven sub-committees or 'areas of discussion':
- Balance to the Rhythm of an Urban Lifestyle;
- Future Ready;
- Futurescape;
- Generation Z;
- Organising for Success;
- Silver Generation; and
- Spirit of Singapore.

I've been asked to sit on the Futurescape Sub-Committee, which explores creative and innovative use of space for sport in the future. I feel honored to be one of only two athletes on the panel, and I feel lucky that adventure sports has a voice in the future of Singapore sports.

Take a look at the Vision 2030 website, and if you have any suggestions, click on one of the 7 areas of discussion to leave your feedback, or drop me a comment below.