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Adventure Nomad

Saturday, April 5, 2008

My D300 is back!

I collected my D300 yesterday from the Nikon Service Center in Singapore. The issues I had with the camera have apparently been resolved. The EN-EL3e battery that was in the camera at the time of failure was defective. They kindly gave me a new one. It still doesn’t explain why my D300 wouldn’t fire up again even though I changed batteries. It also doesn’t explain why my D300 remained dead for 5 days and then mysteriously came back to life. They changed out the power board on my D300 as a precaution. Anyway, it works fine… for now.

Incidentally, while I was at the Nikon Service Center, I asked an engineer about whether any improvements had been made to the 18-200mm its introduction. He told me that although no parts had been changed, they did change the specifications to tighten up the zoom about six months ago. So if you have an older one that creeps, it might be possible to send it in to have it tightened.

Update Nov '08:
My D300 died again, under similar conditions to the first failure. The camera is with Nikon Service Center as I write this. Refer to the month of November on my blog for updates.


Anonymous said...

you have saved me. my lens has been creaking up a storm. off to the Nikon shop now!

Shiva said...

Hi Kenneth,

Could you please give me your email address? I am from New Zealand and representing and adventure photographer, would like to drop you an email.
My email is


Unknown said...

Jungle Runner: I hope it works!

Shiva: I've sent you an email.