Adventure Nomad

Adventure Nomad

Friday, October 10, 2008

End of Days

End of the Day, Gobi Desert, China. Pentax Optio 43WR, 104mm (35mm equiv.), 1/400, f/3.9, ISO 50.

It’s been a tough week for the world financially, and my wife and I have not escaped unscathed. Our savings, put aside in various investments have shrunk considerably. To top the week off, I had my first DNF in a race ever. I pulled out of The North Face Ultra 100 in Singapore last week. That was very disappointing, considering the amount of training time I put into it. Let’s hope next week looks a little brighter.


WeiSheng said...

hi, i chanced upon your blog recently through a link from clubsnap.

i think you write very well and your adventure stories inspires me to continue on with what limited exposure to the outdoors i have had.
its nice reading them and viewing your excellent pictures.

cheer on with your training, i'm sure you could do better in your next race =)

Unknown said...

Thanks dude! My team placed 3rd in our adventure race last night. I'm very happy with the result.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry dude, we're in the same boat. I've just quit my job in a hospital as a specialist doctor and am going travelling with my new D90. I've seen my investments shrink overnight as well. Oh well...

Next up is the Annapurna Circuit for me before coming back for the Stanchart marathon.

Cheer up. Keep this blog going. You're living my dream life.

Unknown said...

Way to go dude! You'll love the circuit. Just go with an open mind.