Adventure Nomad

Adventure Nomad

Sunday, January 4, 2009

My High Energy Workout Playlist Dec ‘08/Jan ‘09

Brian Molko of Placebo, Live at the MTV Exit Concert at Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

I haven’t been working out much these last few months. I’ve been recovering from some serious overtraining and the recovery is taking longer than I thought. Nevertheless, I’m making an attempt to get back in game and have loaded my iPod up with some tunes.

I’m a new fan of the band Placebo, which I saw at the MTV Exit Live concert at Angkor Wat when I was in Cambodia last month, so there are quite a few songs by Placebo on this playlist. Here’s a Youtube video of the concert:

Here's 15 songs from my current playlist:

Every You Every Me, Placebo
Gotta Be Somebody, Nickelback
Post Blue, Placebo
Check Yes Juliet, We The Kings
I Don’t Care, Apocalyptica
The Bitter End, Placebo
Song To Say Goodbye, Placebo
Indestructible, Disturbed
Don’t Hold Back, The Potbelleez
Devour, Shinedown
A Lot Like Me, The Offspring
Slow Burn, Atreyu
Love Story, Taylor Swift
Day That Never Comes, Metallica
Twenty Years, Placebo


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