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Adventure Nomad

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pierce Trail Run

Here in Singapore, we’ve had a long dry season that has been superb for mountain biking, but that has come to an end. The South East Monsoon looks like it has arrived early, and katabatic winds rolling off the Sumatras have cause early morning thunderstorms also known as the ‘bohorok’. The bike trails have been wet and muddy, and for the past couple of weeks, I’ve found myself reaching more and more for my trail running shoes and less and less for my mountain bike.

Oh well…

This Saturday, 28th March 2009, together with Jasmine Wong and Leow Kah Shin, a couple of ultra-running friends who have also completed Racing The Planet’s 4 Deserts events, and in conjunction with the Running Lab, I’ll be leading a technical trail run along Upper Pierce Reservoir starting at 0830 from Boulder City off Chestnut Avenue, Singapore. It’s a 6.5k trail run, but technical, so it will probably feel more like 10k. There’s no need to register, simply show up, introduce yourself and join us.

All pics: Jaz running Butterfly/Woodcutters Trail. Sea & Sea 1G/Ricoh GX100.


Spencer said...

I really admire you guys with such fitness. I have always wish I could be one but lack of discipline. Did you join the Sabah Adventure Race, Ken? In your opinion which is the most demanding race on the planet, forget Marathon.

Unknown said...

Hi Spencer,

Ooh... a loaded question...

I'm going to have to say that every race brings its own unique challenges, and it is how you bring yourself to a race to meet those challenges that determines how demanding you perceive that race to be. ie Planning, preparation, training and mental attitude.

I tend to pick races in unique locations, with spectacular scenery, and with reputable race management.

At the time I ran the Gobi March, I was not a runner, and so the challenge to complete the 250km race seemed huge. I researched running technique, training, equipment, nutrition, etc. I sought help and advice from previous racers and other experienced ultrarunners. I arrived at the race in probably the best shape of my life and finished in 2nd place with my team, and had a hell of a good time too!

I think you would be surprised how unfit I am right now. I'm not fit year round, I only plan to peak once or twice a year for key races. Right now, I'm actually trying to move away from racing and focus more on adventure trips and expeditions.

Ken :0)

Anonymous said...

Kenneth you're too humble ... you're mentally very fit thats very important :) anyway i tried doing the soda can stove and the inner portion look like crap totally different from the video you post haha

Spencer said...

Hi Kiah Seng,

Ken just left me some thoughts and I hv blog it. I am way out of fitness and need do something about it. I am glad to stumble upon his blog. There is alot to share.

I did a mini version of the Soda can stove using 3 table candle. It worked but only burnt for 8 mins fully filled up, not enough to boil half a lts of water to cook noodle :(