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Thursday, January 24, 2013

EVEREST: Realizing The Dream

I'll be giving a talk on "How to Climb Mt. Everest" to the National University of Singapore Mountaineering Club on Monday 4th February at 7pm at the SRC (Sports and Recreation Club) Conference Room at the National University of Singapore (click the link for a map).  The talk is open to the public and all are welcome.

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The presentation will last about two hours and is really a compilation of all the "tips" I've gathered to make it to the top.  These tips include finding sponsorship, experience building, training, equipment, choosing between climbing from the South or the North, and using Diamox and other supplements.

Although I've been climbing on and off for over 30 years, I'm by no means an expert, so these "tips and tricks" are from a wide range of sources that I'd thank:

Lim Kim Boon, Singapore's only mountaineering guide, my old friend and climbing partner;
Jamie McGuinness (Project Himalaya), experienced, intelligent, super-nice guy;
Lien Choon Loong, who climbed Everest the year before me and whose tip on 'sprinting' completely revamped my training method;
Brian Oestrike, from Hypoxico High Altitude Training Systems;
The SWET girls, especially Joanne Soo;
Mark Twight (Gym Jones) for his training guide Extreme Alpinism: Climbing Light, Fast, and High and for leading me to Crossfit;
David Lim, from the First Singapore Mt. Everest Expedition; and
Jamling Bhote, my Sherpa, my friend.

What I learned from these sources was an immense help to my successful climb up Everest, and now, it's my turn to pay back and share what I've learned.  If you've got dreams to climb Everest someday, I hope you can make it down on Monday, 4th February at 7pm to the SRC Conference Room at NUS.


Anonymous said...

Any more of this? I missed it.argh

Unknown said...

I will be speaking at the Singapore Adventure Film Festival on March 16, but the organizers asked for a general talk on my Everest experience, so I won't be going into details as I did with this talk for the NUS Mountaineering Club.