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Adventure Nomad

Monday, April 27, 2015

Nepal In My Thoughts and Prayers

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I've been filled with a kind of helpless frustration watching the aftermath of the earthquake in Nepal.  I cant sleep and can't get the situation in Nepal out of my mind.  I just learned that a friend has lost his home.  I guess what is so disturbing is that for the past 30 years that I've been coming to Nepal, it has remained largely unchanged: The same buildings, temples, narrow streets, etc.  Kathmandu and the rest of Nepal have had a timeless feel.  While the rest of the world charges on towards the 22nd century, Nepal struggles to keep up with the 21st century.... and that was its appeal.  Returning each time to Nepal (well, at least outside of Kathmandu) has always made me feel at peace... grounded... my escape from an all too modern life.  The next time I return to Nepal, will it have changed?  Sure, ancient buildings will need to be repaired or replaced by modern structures, but its the heart of its people that will persevere, and their resilience which will see them through these difficult times.

If you want to help out, don't pack your bags unless you have a specific skill that is needed there, otherwise you will just be another person to feed and shelter.  It's not a bad idea to donate to an organisation like the Red Cross which can distribute funds to where it is needed most.  Another way to help out is to not shy away from Nepal when it has recovered.  Tourist dollars will be most needed, and the mountains remain a stunning landscape, and unforgiving beauty.

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