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Adventure Nomad

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Tools for Bike Travel

I travel often with my bike, and I can't travel with all my tools when I fly with my bike.  To save weight, I bring a minimum of tools, which I keep in a little travel tool box.  These are an addition to the typical bike tools that you should always have with you, like a bike multitool, pump and tire levers.  These are the tools I may use to assemble my bike at the destination, then they stay behind with my bike box or in the car.  Here are some tools you should consider bringing with you when you travel with your bike.

Ritchey 6-Bit Bicycle Torque Key
1. Ritchey 6-Bit Bicycle Torque Key
Carbon parts and titanium bolts require some care to fit.  Both over and under torquing the bolts could affect the ride, and shorten the life of the parts.  I love the Ritchey 6-Bit Bicycle Torque Key as it's compact and lightweight, and really fast to get bolts on and off with the 'spinner'.  I use the 5Nm preset mainly for my stem faceplate bolts, but I think it's also a good 'general' use torque, and better than my 'feel'.

Topeak D2 Smartgauge

2. Topeak D2 SmartGauge
Getting consistent tire and shock pressures is one key to riding better.  I use a floor pump at home, but I don't bring that when I travel.  This gauge can check tires, front and rear shock pressures.  I do bring a travel tire and shock pump, but I can use whatever pump is available to me, and still maintain consistent pressures.

3. Park Tool HR-8 Hex Wrench (8mm)
It's easy enough to get a pedal on with a bike specific multi-tool, but after a long ride, it can be tough getting the pedal off if you cannot apply enough torque.  One solution is to throw a long-armed 8mm allen key into the travel kit.  I use mine to get the pedals on, and it stays with my bike box until I return to take the pedals off.

Leatherman New Wave

4. Leatherman New Wave Multitool
A bike specific multi-tool comes along with me on every ride, but a general purpose one, like the Leatherman Wave pictured above, can be a useful addition to the travel kit.  I use a tool like this to cut up and pull out the staples on cardboard bike boxes, slice fruit and duct tape. The little screwdriver can be useful for sunglasses, the file used to deburr sharp edges after a crash, and the pliers useful for taking apart power links. I've heard of the saw being used to cut up some wood to rig up a chain guide for a single speed conversion when the derailleur broke.  It's mainly a basecamp/hut/car tool as it's too heavy to take along most rides, but I sometimes carry a smaller/lighter tool on epic rides.

5. Old Inner Tube
If you have an old inner tube that is no longer useable as a spare, throw that in with your travel kit.  They can be cut up to use as shields or shims to protect your frame, rubber bands, GPS retainers.  I have also seen them used with tent pegs as a splint for a broken frame.

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