Adventure Nomad

Adventure Nomad

Saturday, September 15, 2007

How Far Does The Apple Fall?

My wife’s ancestors were probably fishermen from Southern China. Every time we walk past fresh seafood at a market or restaurant, she has to stop and take a look. Yes, really, she does! And I have a bunch of photos, including the one above, to prove it. That plus her strong work ethic and a need to live near the sea got me thinking about our roots and how they shape our lives.

My father’s ancestors were probably farmers from Southern China, and I inherited my short legs and long back from them. That’s probably not the best genetic makeup for an endurance athlete, but great for working on a farm. My mum’s ancestors were nomads, originally from Manchuria, and I inherited their free spirit, and the unfortunate desire to be constantly on the move.


Photo: On The Menu Tonight. Taken in Krabi, Thailand with a Canon 350D, 10-20mm lens.

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