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Adventure Nomad

Saturday, November 24, 2007

From 0 to 100: R & R

This series of articles tracks my progress to run a 100km Ultramarathon from zero training in just 4 months. Present weekly mileage: 25km

My training plan called for 25km in the first week, 30km in the second week, and followed in the third week with a week of rest. However, after the first week of 25 km, I was so tired that I had to take my second week off. Pathetic!

Fortunately, I was rather busy with work and it would have been difficult to stick with my training plan. Anyway, I thought I’d talk about some ways to get some R & R:

Shower with Hot/Cold Water
A masseuse can expertly move blood and waste products around the body, but another way you can do this is to take a shower alternating between hot and cold water. In cold water, blood is shuttled to the vital organs to protect them, and in hot water, blood moves back to the skin to cool your body. It’s uncomfortable, but it works!

Cross Training
Swim, bike, rock-climbing... do anything other than running to revitalize you. Also consider gym work. Working out in the gym is a two edged sword. Running doesn’t work out the upper body much, so on the one hand, gym work brings those body parts back up to par, and helps prevent injuries when I participate in other sports. On the other hand, the wrong type of training can bulk you up and add unnecessary weight, a big no-no for ultra distance running. The trick is how to work out. I like Core Performance by Mark Verstegen.

I down my post workout drink within 30 mins after my run, and consume my main meal about 2 hours later.

Regular and sufficient sleep would put me on the right path to recovery. Unfortunately, with my present job, I get none of those. Ah well, only 2 more weeks before I start my new life !

Photo: View To A Different World. Osaka Aquarium, taken with a Canon Ixus 850 IS.


Unknown said...

Hey Ken,

Just dropping in to say you are probably one of the most dedicated guys that I have known in sports of Endurance. Great on ya mate! Anyway, I believe that with this, there will be a couple of great assignment coming in.

Cheers! Dominic

Unknown said...

Er, I'm blushing...