Adventure Nomad

Adventure Nomad

Saturday, November 3, 2007

From 0 to 100

I’ve just agreed to participate in a 100km charity run organized by The North Face (Singapore).

Although people think of me as a runner because I’ve participated in a couple of ultramarathons, I’m not. I haven’t run any real distance in over a year amd My mileage for the past week has been zero. I’ll literally be going from 0 to 100km in just 4 months, and putting myself head to head with the best endurance athletes in the country. Yes, this scares me. It’s normal to feel a little overwhelmed, and even afraid. This is going to be tough, and the chances of injury due to overtraining are high.

Still, I believe it can be done, and I’m going to write about my thoughts and progress over the next 4 months.

Wish me luck!

Running MacRitchie Trail. Taken with a Pentax Optio 43WR.


Unknown said...

Hi Ken,

Great to have you on board this one and I am sure this will not be a one time thing but I do believe that The North Face will be the greatest partner that we can have to do something really more meaningful. Welcome to The North Face family.

Run Hard! Lotsa Cheers for Austria!

Unknown said...

Hi Dom,

Thanks! Glad to be aboard!


(Dom's the brand manager for The North Face in Singapore)