Adventure Nomad

Adventure Nomad

Friday, January 11, 2008

Game On

I’ve been busy this week. We (my adventure racing team and I) are being filmed for a documentary on extreme sports to be shown on national TV. The filming is taking place over 4 days and the last day is tomorrow.

Aloysius will be glad. On Thursday, he piloted the flight back from Shanghai and touched down at 6am, got back home with just enough time to pack and meet the film crew and me at 8am. Needless to say, without any sleep the previous night, he was running pretty much on empty, but managed to put on his game face and got the job done.

Incidentally, if you’re in Singapore, our episode of ‘My Secret Sports Identity’ (er... yes, that’s what they're calling it) airs on Saturday, 23rd February at 7pm.

Photos taken with a Sea&Sea 1G
Top: Game On. Aloysius gets his day 3 interview done.
Bottom: Wired For Sound. Aloysius gets his wireless mic set up on day 2.

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