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Adventure Nomad

Sunday, January 27, 2008

When Right Of Way Isn’t Always Right

I just got out of the hospital. I got hit by a truck this morning while riding my road bike. I was doing the usual loop on Changi Coastal Road and was headed back towards East Coast Park when the accident happened at the junction of Tanah Merah Coastal Road.

The details are coming back to me. The light was red, so I was slowing down, ready to come to a stop. The truck was on the opposite side of the road, also stopped due to the light. 20m to the junction, the light turned green, so I began accelerating. The truck inched out, as they sometimes do, like he was getting ready to go behind me. Only the truck didn’t stop. He continued his right turn into the middle of the traffic junction. I braked hard, but at 30kmph, there just wasn’t enough time. My right of way, but it didn’t matter. When flesh meets steel, steel is always right.

My bike is totaled and I left the hospital with a deep cut on my chin that required 4 stitches on the outside and 2 on the inside to close. I’ve also got pins and needles all the way down my right arm that I hope will go away in a few days. The doctor says it’s due to a compressed nerve.

My thanks to a taxi and its occupants who stopped to help me, and also a fellow biker who was at the junction and witnessed it all. My thanks also to the ambulance crew, doctor and nurse at Changi General Hospital.

By the way, anybody know a good lawyer?

I've just gotten a call from the Police to inform me that the truck driver is at fault. Wow! It's just 8 hours after the accident. That's efficient!

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All The Lees said...

Sorry to hear about your accident.  Good to hear you only got a couple of scratches.I just flew with a SO who was formerly a practicing lawyer with Allen & Gladhill or something like that, his name is Patrick Tan 9734-0708.  He will be able to refer you.  Speedy recovery! Edmund Lee