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Adventure Nomad

Friday, February 29, 2008

Nikon D300 High ISO Performance

Pro adventure sports photographer, Michael Clark, cranks his D300 up to ISO 3200 and says that the images are cleaner than ISO 640 on his D2x. Read the full article on Inside Lightroom here.

To be honest, I never bothered to try out my D300 at ISO 3200, I had a mental ceiling that ISO 1600 was all I was ever going to need, and even that only at night. His sample images at ISO 3200 look really good. I’m going to have to run my own tests, and re-evaluate my thinking and perhaps start using high ISO in daylight.

Having such a broad range of usable ISOs also means that I could start using Nikon’s Auto-ISO function in 'Manual Mode'. In theory, I could set the aperture AND the shutter speed I want and let the D300's Auto-ISO function work out what ISO I need to get the proper exposure. Mind blowing stuff. I wonder if that would work out in the real world…


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

High ISO on the D300 is awesome however, I understand there are issues with it in MANUAL mode. Check that before you spend time trying to fix it. Works great in all other modes.