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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pahang River Kayak Expedition 2008

From March 14-22nd, I'll be in taking part in an expedtion to kayak the Pahang River in Malaysia. We’ll put-in at Kuala Tahan, Taman Negara, on the upper Pahang River, along a tributary called the Tembeling River. From there, we’ll paddle 332km down the Pahang River to Pekan, where the river drains into the sea.

The river has been kayaked from source to sea by some Danish guys in the mid 80's, but there is little documentation on it. So expedition organizer and leader, Mr. Goh Khee Wei of Paka River Camp, and a friend drove 1500km over three days to Recce the river a few weeks ago. He has this to say about the trip:

“The Expedition will launch off at Kuala Tahan, the confluence of Tahan and Tembeling rivers at Taman Negara. The will be seven stops in our 332km route taking us past many scenic rural villages and settings. We will explore the villages along the river and witness the idyllic rural life on our journey to Pekan the Royal town at Kuala Pahang.”

Day1 Kuala Tahan to Kederah 48km
Day2 Kederah to Durian Hijau 57km
Day3 Durian Hijau to Sanggang 48km
Day4 Sanggang to K. Triang 40km
Day5 K. Triang to Chenor 30km
Day6 Chenor to Baru Salong 50km
Day7 Baru Salong to Pdg. Rumbia 37km
Day8 Pdg. Rumbia to Pekan 30km

Update 27th Feb:
Sorry guys, I goofed the dates. The trip is from 14th-22nd March. I've corrected the dates in the article.


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