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Adventure Nomad

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Supplements For High altitude Mountaineering

UPDATE: With the exception of the liver tablets, I no longer take or recommend these supplements.  Please standby for an updated post to find out what's working better for me in 2014.

Since my earlier post: Nutritional Supplements For Climbing Mt. Everest, I've learned a lot, and what I now take is significantly different, hence the need for this update.  I under-dosed a lot of the supplements in my previous post, and they didn't have the desired results.  Here's what I'm taking each day and am bringing to Everest.  As lunch is usually on-the-go, I take these in divided doses during breakfast and dinner:
Yum! Goes well with Argentinian steak. Photo by Jamie McGuiness
Mutivitamin x 2 - Now Adam (I've tried a lot of multis.  These are cheap, simple and work well for me)
Fish Oil x 4 - Controlled Labs OxiMega (double strength fish oil, reduces inflammation, 'thins' the blood, and serves as fuel)
Probiotics x 1 - Now Stabilized Acidophilus (needs no refrigeration)
Antioxidants x 2 - Now Super Antioxidants (phytoflavonoid formula.  Sometimes I don't get enough fruit and veggies)
Liver Tablets x 4 - Beverly Ultra 40 (for red blood cell production, boosts amino acid profile, and can serve as fuel.  I'll carry some extra (up to 12 per day) of these as well)
Vitamin C x 1 - Now Vitamin C-1000 (antioxidant, and reduces cortisol at night)
Mitochondria Energizer x 1 - Jarrow MityQondria CoQ10 (keeps the mitochondria fired up and become more efficient at producing energy)
Glucosamine x 1 - GNC TriFlex (joint care)

I also carry some digestive enzymes and use as required (if I have to eat a lot of carbo (rice, pasta, breads), I get gas, and the digestive enzymes help with that): Now Super Enzymes (the tablets work better than the capsules).

Specically for Everest, I'm also taking these adaptogens to help with better oxygen utilization and performance:
Garlic x 1 - GNC Triple Garlic
Ginkgo/Eleuthero x 1 - GNC Gingko Biloba Plus
Optygen HP x 4 - on climbing days

Fuel and Recovery:
  • While climbing, I use Hammer Nutrition Perpetuem, which uses soy protein instead of whey, and does not contribute to ammonia load.  Perpetuem comes in both solids and powder.  I prefer the powder which dissolves into my water bottles.  If I need solid food, I use Hammer Bars.
  • Post climb, I recover with Hammer Nutrition Recoverite.
  • I'll also bring some MRP (Meal Replacement Powder), to help maintain my bodyweight while on the mountain.
I buy most of my stuff from iHerb, and if you are a new customer, make use of this discount coupon for $5 off: KOH756


Peru said...

Should be useful to me in the future :)

Unknown said...

Hi Peru,

Some of the stuff is not vegetarian though. Let me know how it goes.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hi Ken , is there any updates on the list of supplements ? do these work for women too? as I read that Liver tablets increase massively the muscles size! I'm attempting a seven-thousender mountain next summer and would like to know what supplements will come handy? I've read a lot about the benefits of Probiotics & prebiotics & I'm a bit confused about what to have... of course will be consulting my Dr in a later stage too but I doubt he will be aware of what comes handy in high altitudes ... this is super helpful to start with specially coming from someone with altitude experience.

thanks a million

Unknown said...

Hi again Ken ,
one more question, how long before the climb shall I start with these supplements ?
thanks again and best regards/ Melia