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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Nikon D300 Launched in Singapore

The D300s are available in stores from today! Street price is about SGD$2500 (USD$1720) before GST, or about SGD$2700 including tax. Man, I’m still on my trip to the USA. I hope they keep one for me...


Unknown said...

In case anyone's wondering... Yes, they did keep one for me... and yes, I bought mine yesterday!

Anonymous said...

congrats with the D300, it seems like a great machine. I can't wait to own one.
I am passing through Singapore on the way to Australia (from Denmark) and I am thinking about picking one up on the way. Any advice about where to shop and who is likely to have it in stock? the price is very attractive, especially when coming from Europe.

I would really appreicate any tips

Unknown said...

I would say Cathay Photo in Singapore would be your best bet. Email them and get a quote. Their website is Also visit the Nikon forum on for other reputable shops.

If you are buying Nikon stuff in Singapore, also check out lenses and flashes. The prices are quite good in Singapore. Also check out used gear on the forum or pop by Prime Photo (next door to Cathay Photo) for used equipment. Other good deals in Singapore are the Chinese made Benro carbon fiber tripods and Lowepro camera bags.

Have fun but be careful shopping in Singapore. In general, the recommended shops are safe, but otherwise, know what you are buying, and know your prices!

Unknown said...

Incidentally, save your receipt. You don't need to pay the Goods and Services Tax if you are a non -resident taking the goods out of the country. You can claim back the 7% GST at the airport when you leave the country.

Mario said...

I contacted Cathay Photo, but the mail returned saying their inbox is full. That doesn't sound promissing.

I'll try once again on Monday.

Thanks for the tip though :)

I hope my friend will be able to pick up one D300 in Singapore for me :)

Unknown said...

Yes, Cathay Photo is closed on Sunday, so their email box might pile up. Try again during the week.

Laksa said...

hi . was just wondering if this camera would be suitable for an idiot like me

Unknown said...

Dear Laksamama,

The Nikon D300 is a great camera. You should know that it is bigger and heavier than most consumer DSLRs. The best thing to do is to go down to a friendly camera shop and hold one in your hand. Then pick up the much lighter and smaller D60... At the end of the day, buy the camera you like. Quite frankly, both will do the same job, but the D300 offers control dials and switches on the tough, weatherproof body that allow me to rapidly change settings.