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Adventure Nomad

Monday, June 9, 2008

Apple Iphone 3G Launch

Photo of the Apple iPhone 3G from the Apple website

The Apple iPhone 2, officially known as the Apple iPhone 3G, was announced today, June 9th. On July 11th, it will officially launch in 22 countries, including Singapore.

Other than the ├╝ber cool factor, has it any practical use for an adventure traveler? I wasn’t convinced until I saw the original iPhone in use last month, at a free wireless hotspot in Pokhara, Nepal. The proliferation of wireless hotspots around the world, even in relatively poor countries, makes this phone appealing. While I’m not always willing to lug around my laptop when I travel to remote locations on the off chance that I will be able to find a wireless hotspot, I almost always have my phone with me.

What’s new over the old iPhone? Well, the big new is that the iPhone 3G is no longer locked, so you’ll be able to buy the iPhone and use it like a regular phone. And you'll be able to buy it for a lot less than the old iPhone!

It's slightly thinner than the old iPhone, but packs in more capability for roughly the same weight. Other than Wi-Fi connectivity, the new iPhone can also connect you to the Internet using a mobile service provider’s faster 3G connection (where available). iPhone 3G also comes with built-in GPS, and an accelerometer (play games that sense movement similar to the Nintendo Wii).

It’s available in 8GB or 16GB versions, and it comes in black or white.


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