Adventure Nomad

Adventure Nomad

Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Mongolia Sunrise To Sunset Marathon

Treadmill VO2 Max test

The Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset is primarily a 100km ultramarathon, which takes place around the Hovsgol Lake region of northern Mongolia. Unfortunately, I not really in shape to do a ‘hundred K’ race, so I wimped out and am only participating in the 42km event.

I’ll be gone from 1st July to 14th July. I’m hoping to see some of the Naadam Festival that is going to take place about the same time while I’m there. I’ll be bringing my Nikon D300, and my usual travel lenses: the 18-200mm superzoom and 10.5mm fisheye. I’ll also be bringing the big gun, and old (but seldom used) 80-400mm. I hope to have some new pictures to share with you then.

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