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Adventure Nomad

Friday, June 27, 2008

Nikon D700: The Next Full Frame Nikon?

A leaked(?) image from a (supposed) Nikon D700 brochure

Is the D300 the last of the DX sized (1.5 crop FOV) sensor cameras? Unlikely. But it is highly probable that Nikon will launch an FX sized (Full Frame) sensor camera in a D300 sized body for the serious amateur or pro who needs a lighter weight body.

Rumors are flying around that this will be the D700, a camera using the highly successful Full-Frame FX sensor from the D3. It will complete directly with Canon’s aging 5D (or the 5D replacement).

I’m not sure if I want one… yet. For now (after some initial hiccups), the D300 is serving me well as the near perfect travel, expedition and adventure camera.

However, the advantages of low noise, high image quality from the larger, full-frame sensors cannot be ignored, and as the costs of buying one of these cameras continue to fall, the question is not IF I will buy one, but WHEN I will buy one. I suspect that within the next 15-20 years, we will all be using full-frame cameras.

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